Trip Out And Prepare For VR Splendor With REZ INFINITE Remaster

"Good game to play when you high af." - VA John, top commenter on Youtube trailer.

Whether you choose to indulge in anything while playing Rez Infinite is your own decision, the game will blow your mind regardless. Check out the official description for this remaster below...

Enter Area X, an all-new level created just for Rez Infinite! It joins a complete remaster of the original Rez (1080p, 60fps, 3D audio), as well as full PlayStation VR compatibility (entirely optional, but entirely awesome) for the ultimate package and the ultimate version of the legendary game Rez! 

For those looking for something to do with their newly acquired PSVR this game seems like a must have based off the trailer alone! I don't think you'd need to be high for it, and you might feel high after playing. Check out the trailer and watch out for it October 13th exclusively to PS4 and PSVR.