Trolls Ruin FRIDAY THE 13TH So Bad, The Next Update Is An Attempt To Control Them

Thanks to all of the people who waste money to buy a game and do anything other than what is meant to be done during the game, choosing to block pathways to teammates and team kill instead of trying to escape, the latest update from Gun Media for Friday the 13th is an attempt to control the trolls. But I doubt it will work, here's why.

So the update is going to include the inability to hurt fellow teammates with any weapons, from melee to guns, thus to stop trolling. Why won't this work? Because you are obviously underestimating a troll. Instead of team killing, they will start doing other things like perfecting how to block a doorway so that nobody can leave a room, guiding Jason to where all the people are, stealing essential tools with no intention of using them, and I am sure much more that I haven't even thought of.

It's a good attempt, but what we would need on top of this is to be able to walk through other players. Then it is troll proof. But, doing that comes at the cost of gameplay quality, just like removing the ability to injure a teammate. While trolls are annoying, it is still balancing the turf by having the players have the chance to hit Jason and make him drop whoever he grabbed, but making them have to consider where they strike so they don't hurt or kill the other player.

Speaking of balance, the DLC update coming will also be bringing small, "deadlier" maps. In response to people who are upset when you die at the beginning and have to wait till the end of the game (which you don't, just back out if you don't want to wait), there will be a new set of maps released. Well, really the same three maps just 40% the usual size.

It is already difficult to escape, but with these maps it will be nigh possible at all. I would of preferred getting three brand new maps, even if they are smaller than the original is. We will also be getting eight new emotes to use in-game, which is kind of cool.

I don't mind the update, but I hope they make it an option for the team kill or not and that the gameplay isn't forcibly changed on all players. I would rather just have separate lobbies with it on and with it off. Hopefully their future updates will be more exciting and have stuff that majority of the community will actually enjoy, but until then, what do you think of this DLC?