Try Out Phantom8's Newest Game MARBLE COMBAT During Its Free Early Access

Taking quite the different course in development, Phantom 8 have steered away from games like their 2018 title Past Cure and has moved to an almost comically new route. Featuring a platforming, combat multiplayer game with a comedy retro theme, they have released Marble Combat on Steam. This release is only its Early Access form, but it is completely free for all players to try out and enjoy!

While the game features a single player version of the game that is filled with physic based challenges, the core focus of the game is in its 2-8 multiplayer set up. Players compete as magical marbles racing and fighting to dominate capture points and collect power ups. Every player can pick a combination of four abilities which can hinder enemies, boost allies or improve ball control.

When a game is free, I always like to give it a try before I judge it fully. However, for those more skeptical than myself, here is the gameplay trailer for you to watch before deciding whether or not you want to download: