TWIN MIRROR Gameplay Trailer Features Complicated Details

The developers of choice based, consequential story telling game Vampyr are back at the wheel of driving a crazy story with an outcome based on our actions. Bandai Namco and DONTNOD originally announced Twin Mirror awhile back, following the launch of Vampyr itself, but now they have released a gameplay trailer that gives us a further insight of what to expect.

Not only will things get crazy visually, there will be a psychological thriller aspect to consider. They reveal the fact that you will play as a character named Sam Higgs who has an alter ego called “The Double” who acts as his guidance and inner voice. The setting is also shown to take place in a fictional small town called Basswood, which is meant to represent the typical small town in America. Check out some of this intriguing gameplay:

Looks like we are in for a lot of detective-type work again, but this time it is to understand ourselves and our actions rather than that of those around us. It is looking like an interesting take at the battle with a personal psyche that isn’t often portrayed in video games. The bedroom break down scene alone seems pretty complicated and it’s likely the easiest of all the moments we will be put through.

By far the craziest moment must be in Sam’s Mind Palace. The insane looking, so-called “refuge” for his psyche and will hold his best means of probing crime scenes and uncovering the truth.

I’m looking forward to seeing more on Twin Mirror and am definitely going to be getting my hands on a copy when it is released. Unfortunately, there is still no launch date other than 2019, but hopefully it won’t be much later than summer. What do you think about the gameplay shown for Twin Mirror?