Two DARK SOULS III DLC Coming To Japan Late October

Two new DLC packs have been announced for Dark Souls III, with the first reportedly arriving in Japan October 26th. Siliconera says Bandai Namco is peppering the Japanese gaming magazines with previews for the DLC, which include new weapons, spells, and a PvP map. 

The description of the weapons and spells (no pictures) are as follows...

  • Greatsword with colorless flames
  • Boomerang spell that looks like a shining light
  • Spell that appears to conjure an ice storm

As for the PvP map we see a picture of an area covered in ice. I've seen some pictures floating around the web, but I haven't played Dark Souls 3 so they could be from the game for all I know. It's not known if the featured content was all a part of the first DLC pack or if they were the content for both DLC packs. 

What is known is that the first DLC is ringing in at 1,200 yen ($12.00 roughly), and the second will be for 2,000 (20.00). Personally, I'm curious to see how the exclusive PvP map will play into the game.