Two New Story Trailers Emerge For MASS EFFECT: ANDROMEDA

A new trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda boasts some amazing visuals and further fleshes out the story of The Pathfinder! So many characters, cool visuals, and The Archeon looks like a force humanity doesn't want to challenge! 

For those who may have only lightly followed the game until now, the main goal of our protagonist, The Pathfinder, is to safely transport 20k humans to the new Earth in a neighboring galaxy. Your character is the human Pathfinder, and there are a couple different ships that house other races as well with their own Pathfinders. How your race deals with these new alien nations will rest on your shoulders as you play the game and search to continue the human race. 

This new trailer furthers the storyline we've learned thus far by introducing a new foe, as well as showing us some incredible cinematics! Cinematics are a large part of the Mass Effect franchise, so it's good to see they've received a big upgrade from the last time we saw a Mass Effect game! Check out both trailers below...but if you're pressed for time the extended trailer (2nd one) is just the first trailer with additional info at the beginning. 

Mass Effect: Andromeda will launch March 21st.