Two New Trailers For HELLO NEIGHBOR Will Prepare You For Full Release December 8th

Hello Neighbor logo.jpg

Showing off just a little bit more of their intriguing, mystery/puzzle game titled Hello Neighbor, Tiny Build is certainly getting my hype raised back since I last had a chance to check out the early access versions. Despite pushing the official launch date until December 8th instead of their original release date set to launch on Steam and Xbox One, I have been anxiously waiting to see what is in the basement! Here's a sneak peak basement trailer:

All the hiding places, sneaking around in the same room as him, the strange settings of what is supposed to be a basement yet appears to be a whole living area beneath the house, and the strange multi-colored locks has made me want to know what the hell is going on down there? Even with the fully cartoonist design to the graphics, this game seems like it will have some seriously intense, anticipation building moments and may very well prove to be frustrating to complete. If that wasn't enough to hype you up for its full launch, check out the pre-launch trailer:

As a fan of horror/puzzle games, I am loving the twist that is behind this secretive story and can't wait to explore what is within, uncover dark secrets, and fail a good hundred times just trying to figure it all out!

How long have you been waiting for this launch? I can't be the only one that's been waiting since its announcement in 2015.