Ubisoft Brings Back Classic RTS/City Builder THE SETTLERS For 2020 Release

The year is 1993 and The Settlers, or Serf City: Life is Feudal as it was known here in the States, has just been released for the Commodore Amiga. This simulation game was unlike the world had seen before with aspects of city building and life simulation. The game would simulate the lives of those who populated your town For the time it could handle an impressive amount of unique units. The game would prove popular enough to spawn a number of sequels and a couple of remakes. But, in 2010 after the release of The Settlers HD and The Settlers Online the franchise vanished. Well until today as Ubisoft has just revealed that the franchise is coming back to PC in 2020 with The Settlers!

Volker Wertich, the creator of the original franchise, is returning to lead the development of this new installment making it a true sequel. The team at Ubisoft Düsseldorf are looking to take the best aspects of the series to date and combine them with new modern features. The game will run on Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine and feature procedural generated maps to keep each game unique and invoking a sense of discovery. The Settlers will feature both PVE and PVP modes including campaign, skirmish, and multiplayer. New methods of victory have also been added.

The Combat strategy: Players would control full armies of different units, taking on and defeating enemy armies to take over or defend their territory. Special units such as army leaders can have a positive effect on their troops.

 The Glory strategy: Players would select a hero character who will fight in the arena against the enemy. Once a player initiates a battle, spectators representing both sides will gather at the arena to watch the battle. Winning a fight can lead to dissatisfaction among the defeated party. This however can lead to revolts, allowing the player to take over the enemy territory.

 The Faith strategy: the third winning strategy will allow players to inspire Faith amongst Settlers and will be detailed at a later date.

The game is now available for pre-order on Ubisofts Uplay and the Epic Games Store. The Settlers will also be available on the upcoming Uplay+ subscription service. A Gold edition of the game will also be released which features 3 day early access to the game, the first planned expansion, Monuments & Merchants, and 2 additional decorative items, the Gazebo of Tranquility and the Wishing Well. Anyone who pre-orders the game will be given a free decorative Statue of the First Settlers. This unique item can be placed in any settlements you build. If you want to keep up to date on The Settlers, head over to Settlers Alliance!