Ubisoft Has Been Running Live-Action Web Shorts For THE DIVISION With The Dad From DOG WITH A BLOG

So you know how The Division is, was, and forever shall be a broken mess? We can scratch that up to a loss...but this right here is a definite consolation prize. Ubisoft has quietly (I'm guessing due to the fact that the game is still very broken) been uploading this web series featuring weekly missions that you can complete in game. It's the typical low budget live action you expect at the beginning of the first Resident Evil and wouldn't even be so hilarious if it didn't have the dad from Disney's Dog With A Blog, Regan Burns, playing "Agent Rainer". 

After watching him on that show, it's hard to see him as a bad ass agent, but honestly, I think it makes the whole thing watchable. I just keep imagining he's leaving the DZ and going home to his family and talking dog and it gives me enough to push on to the next episode. Check out the series below.