Ubisoft Moving Away From Scripted Games For More Open World Experiences

While Ubisoft still wants stories in their games, they say they are making a concerted effort to making their games "more open" going forward. The info comes from Games Industry who translated an article from French website Le Monde. The article was an interview with Ubisoft creative director Serge Hascoet who said the new initiative will begin with the next Assassin's Creed...

"For the next Assassin's Creed, the designers have created a system in which what I do not only has meaning just now, but also long-term...My actions will change the world."

Hascoet also made mention that the new goal of Ubisoft was to become an "anecdote factory". Ultimately this means less linear missions, and more open world movement leading players to make their own path in future Ubisoft games. 

I'm not entirely sure they're up to the task considering the initial play state bugs of all their recent major releases, but I applaud the effort to do so. Here's hoping this new direction works out well for them!