UBISOFT Teams Up With YouTube's Best to Create Awesome New Trailers for THE DIVISION

Ubisoft has always seemed to be the one game studio that always does social marketing very, very right. Working with Corridor Digital, Devin Supertramp, and Rocket Jump they have created some really cool new trailers for The Division. The game is set in a quarantined New York City, as kill squads roam the streets taking out the infected, criminals make sport of murdering and pillaging, and many other baddies lurk in the dark, a small group of special agents fight to protect those in dire need of protection. The four part series of trailers follows four separate Agents as they are called into action. They're all really well done videos, and give some great backstory to The Division, which I'm still stoked as hell to play! Watch the four videos bellow.

The Division will be available on March 8th. The Beta will launch on January 28th for Xbox One, and January 29th for PS4 and PC.

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