Ultimate POKEMON Battle Roster: Generation II

Since it’s the 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s creation and Pokemon Sun and Moon were just announced, we decided to go through each generation of Pokemon and put together dream teams. Sticking to the Pokemon new to each generation and ignoring Legendaries and Megas, we chose the strongest Pokemon for each Stat according to Base Stats only. (Sorry EV trainers). We’ve also created some recommended movesets for each of the Pokemon to help you craft the ultimate team.

Generation II

Pokemon Gold and Silver versions came to the Gameboy Color in 1999 for Japan, and in 2000 for North America and Australia. These were a perfect sequel to the beloved first generation games. It didn’t add too much–100 Pokemon, improved graphics, and slightly updated mechanics.


If you thought Chansey had HP, Blissey has even more (albeit, not much). Also, since Blissey is an evolved form, all of her other stats also gain a boost, making her deadlier and tankier.

Recommended Moves:

NOTE: These may seem like déjà vu for Chansey fans.

Softboiled: This move will drive your opponent crazy as they barely dent your HP just to see you bring it back up.

Defense Curl: Makes Blissey more resistant to physical damage.

Ice Beam/Thunderbolt/Flamethrower/Psychic: With her good Special, these are how you go on the offensive with Blissey. Just be aware that you can only learn the first 3 via the tutor in Crystal version.

Minimize: Blissey is a defensive Pokemon mostly so this is a great way to make it that much harder to kill her.

Growl: Make your physical opponents weaker even if Blissey does get removed from battle.

Toxic: Toxic has a special poison in store for your opponent that will make them regret the day they messed with Blissey.


Tyranitar looks like a BAMF, talks like a BAMF, and fights like a BAMF. His Attack stat matches Dragonite’s from the last generation and he is a bit more of a physical tank. Not to mention those pesky Psychic-types can’t touch him since he’s part Dark.

Recommended Moves:

Crunch: Powerful move in general, STAB, and it may lower their Special Defense for later.

Earthquake: Very powerful and can even hit those Pokemon that spam Dig.

Hyper Beam: The strongest move in the game (barring of course OTK) and he’s hearty enough that the extra turn to recharge shouldn’t be too bad.

Screech: Let your attacks do more damage!

Rock Slide: Strong to begin with and STAB

Defense: STEELIX

Steelix is another awesome looking Pokemon and possibly the best Steel-type. He’s got a strong Defense and his Attack isn’t too shabby. Also, if you’ve run into someone that likes to poison your Pokemon, Steelix is immune to that little trick; forcing your opponent to change strategy.

Recommended Moves:

Earthquake: Very powerful, STAB, and can even hit those Pokemon that spam Dig.

Iron Tail: Awesome Steel attack with STAB. Just be careful because the Accuracy isn’t great.

Harden: Strengthen your own Defense to better withstand the assault.

Screech: Let your attacks do more damage!

Strength: Powerful move and it helps in the field. Yay for multi-purpose!

Special Attack: ESPEON

This awesome Eeveelution comes in as the best Special Attack stat. It may be cute, but watch out for its Psychic attacks.

Recommended Moves:

Psychic: Very powerful and STAB.

Double Team: Since Espeon isn’t very hearty, this can help keep it alive.

Morning Sun: Not the best healing move because it’s dependant on weather and daytime and such but it’ll help keep Espeon alive.

Bite: Something to help out against those that Psychic doesn’t work well on.

Special Defense: SHUCKLE

So technically Shuckle wins both Defense categories but Steelix is a really good second Defense so Shuckle is here for Special Defense. Also, even though his Attack and Special Attack are terrible, he can still do some damage since it’ll take your opponent quite a while to take down this MON.

Recommended Moves:

Rollout: This move builds up power over time and Shuckle gets STAB

Rest: To make any effort of killing him a bigger pain as he heals himself

Bide: He can take a hit so as he builds up power that its opponent uses it becomes even more devastating

Double Team: Make it even harder to hit this MON and frustrate the opposition to no end

Toxic: Deadly poison as your opponent tries to cause some form of damage against you means they’re gonna be switching pokemon like crazy so they don’t die.

Withdraw: Help him fortify its defenses.


Crobat is super fast and pretty well rounded out in all other stats. Hiss Defense and Special Defense aren’t incredible but they’re not bad either meaning he can take a bit of a beating and his Attack is also decent so he’ll be able to damage your opponent pretty well.

Recommended Moves:

Fly: STAB, good power, and gets you away from your opponent for a turn.

Steel Wing: Good power and gives you a one-up on those Rock-types.

Confuse Ray: Give your opponent the chance to hurt themselves! After all, why should you do all the work?

Screech: Let your attacks do more damage!

Wing Attack: Good basic attack with STAB.

Post By: Catherine Wilson, Yifan Zhao, and Tommy Wiliams

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