Ultimate POKEMON Battle Roster: Generation IV

Since it’s the 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s creation and Pokemon Sun and Moon were just announced, we decided to go through each generation of Pokemon and put together dream teams. Sticking to the Pokemon new to each generation and ignoring Legendaries and Megas, we chose the strongest Pokemon for each Stat according to Base Stats only. (Sorry EV trainers). We’ve also created some recommended movesets for each of the Pokemon to help you craft the ultimate team.

Generation IV

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl introduced huge mechanic shifts in 2006 (Japan)/2007 (Worldwide). Taking advantage of the more powerful Nintendo DS platform, these games offered graphics with a more 3-D feel, as well as a more complex Special/Physical attack structure.


This flying blimp has the highest HP in Gen 4. It isn’t quite as awesome as Wailord in Gen 3 is, but it can still be a decent tank.

Recommended Moves:

Ominous Wind: This STAB attack not only hurts your opponent, but it also has the potential to raise all of your stats at once.

Stockpile: This move allows you to charge up power and raise both Defense and Special Defense. This charged up power is used with the next two moves.

Swallow: You absorb the power you Stockpiled to heal HP.

Spit Up: You release the power you Stockpiled in an attack.

Shadow Ball: You attack your opponent with a shadowy blob that also has the potential to lower their Special Defense. Gets STAB.


If you’re looking for DPS, Rhyperior is your guy. He’s technically the second highest for Attack, losing only to Rampardos, but we opted for a slight loss in Attack for higher HP and Defense. Rhyperior has so many amazing and powerful moves, it was difficult to narrow it down to these 5.

Recommended Moves:

Poison Jab: You attack your opponent with an arm covered in poison. It does damage and can also poison them.

Megahorn: Rhyperior rams the opponent with its horn and inflicts loads of damage.

Stone Edge: This STAB attack does a lot of damage and has a high critical-hit ratio.

Rock Blast: Rhyperior chucks 2-5 rocks at its opponent. Gets STAB.

Swords Dance: This dance raises the attack stat twice.


This tank of a Pokemon is literally classified as a Shield Pokemon and he is definitely one that we want on our team. He’s #1 for Defense and #2 for Special Defense--any opponent would have a hard time breaking through this guy.

Recommended Moves:

Metal Burst: Bastiodon hits the opponent that last damaged it with way more power. Plus STAB.

Iron Head: STAB Attack that may cause flinching.

Ancient Power: Another STAB Attack that may also raise all of your stats at once.

Protect: Allows Bastiodon to evade all attacks.

Rest: Take 2 turns off to restore HP and heal status problems

Special Attack: MAGNEZONE

Magnezone is another one of our 2nd place Pokemon, but we liked his high Defense stats more than whatever Porygon-Z was bringing to the table in the #1 spot.

Recommended Moves: (All get STAB)

Discharge: Electricity strikes all Pokemon in the battle. It can also cause paralysis.

Thunder/Thunderbolt: Powerful attack that may also paralyze your opponent

Charge Beam: Attack that also raises your Special Attack

Zap Cannon: Powerful attack that also paralyzes your opponent

Mirror Shot: Attack that may also lower the opponent’s accuracy

Special Defense: PROBOPASS

Probopass is the other half of our dynamic tank duo: At #1 for Special Defense and #2 for Defense, this Compass Pokemon will lead you to victory.

Recommended Moves:

Rockslide: Attack that may also cause the opponent to flinch. Plus STAB.

Stone Edge: Powerful STAB attack that has a high critical-hit ratio.

Zap Cannon: Very powerful attack that also causes paralysis

Earth Power: This attack erupts the ground under the opponent and can also lower its Special Defense.

Rest: Take 2 turns to restore HP and fix any status problems


Weavile’s high speed, coupled with his incredible Attack level make him a definite offensive threat.

Recommended Moves:

Revenge: An attack that does double the damage if Weavile has been hurt by the opponent in the same turn.

Dark Pulse: A STAB attack that can also cause the opponent to flinch.

Swords Dance: Dance that raises your attack stat twice.

Night Slash: Weavile slashes the opponent as soon as it can. This attack has a high critical-hit ratio. Gets STAB.

Calm Mind: Raises your Special Attack and Special Defense stats

Post By: Tommy Wiliams, Catherine Wilson, and Yifan Zhao

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