Ultimate POKEMON Battle Roster: Generation V

Art by  LuluSeason

Art by LuluSeason

Since it’s the 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s creation and Pokemon Sun and Moon were just announced, we decided to go through each generation of Pokemon and put together dream teams. Sticking to the Pokemon new to each generation and ignoring Legendaries and Megas, we chose the strongest Pokemon for each Stat according to Base Stats only. (Sorry EV trainers). We’ve also created some recommended movesets for each of the Pokemon to help you craft the ultimate team.

Generation V

2010 (Japan) and 2011 (Worldwide) marked the release of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White – the first Pokemon games to have a story that carried over in a big way.


Alomomola is a Water-type pokemon with the highest HP in Generation V. Although its special attack and special defense are not brilliant, his Healer and Regeneration abilities earn it a position in the Generation V team.

Recommended Moves:

Aqua Jet: This is a great move to use when your opponent is on Death’s (or I guess Faint’s) doorstep since it almost always hits first and you get STAB.

Heal Pulse: This move is very useful in team battles but not in solo ones.

Waterfall: STAB and may cause your opponent’s pokemon to flinch.

Facade: Decent power that can double if you have a status condition.

Rain Dance: This is really nice if you have the Regeneration ability and it boosts Waterfall, Aqua Jet, and any other Water-type attack you decide to use.


Haxorus brings the honor of highest attack back to Dragon-types after 3 generations. It looks like an angry green dinosaur, but is actually quite kind according to the Pokedex entry. Haxorus is fast and his skin is very stiff like iron, which can protect him from damage and effect.

Recommended Moves:

Assurance: In a team battle where his teammate is faster than him, this is a great move.

Dragon Claw: Very good Dragon-type move so Haxorus will get STAB.

Protect: If you just need a turn to gather your thoughts this’ll help you not die.

X-scissor/Shadow Claw/Slash: Good general moves to help give you some versatility in your attacks.

Brick Break: If your opponent keeps using barriers, this is a must. Either way it’s still a strong move.

Earthquake: Always a solid choice when in doubt.


Carracosta lives both on land and in the ocean. Its shell is as hard as steel and its face is made of stone, making it ideal to fill our Defense slot. It has the highest defense and its attack is also great. The only weakness of Carracosta is its sluggish speed. I guess that’s what you get for being a turtle.

Recommended Moves:

Rollout: As long as you can hit them, this move grows in power, plus you get STAB.

Aqua Jet: If you need to attack first, this’ll get you there.

Aqua Tail: Strong move that’ll get STAB.

Crunch: A great move to get some diversity in the moveset and still be powerful.

Earthquake: Always a solid choice when in doubt.

Double Team: Carracosta doesn’t have the best HP or Special Defense so this might be a good way to make him harder to take down.

Special Attack: CHANDELURE

This Pokemon has a very special look. His name is Chandelure and he has the highest special attack in Generation V. He looks like a harmless chandelier, but his fire can burn and destroy his enemies’ soul.

Recommended Moves:

Confuse Ray: Give your opponent the chance to hurt themselves! After all, why should you do all the work?

Sunny Day: Strengthen his Fire moves. Works insanely well with the Flash Fire ability to make his Fire attacks devastating.

Fire Blast: Super strong Fire-type attack, STAB.

Solarbeam: If you need variety, this move coupled with Sunny Day is great because it only takes one turn instead of 2.

Shadow Ball: Good Ghost-type attack with STAB that may lower your opponent’s Special Defense.

Special Defense: CRYOGONAL

Cryogonal is a very special Pokemon. When its body temperature increases, it disappears. So keep Cryogonal cool! This special skill earned it a very high special defense. It is also decently fast and its special attack cannot be ignored.

Recommended Moves:

Ice Beam: Strong Ice-type attack for STAB

Light Screen/Reflect: Helps boost its defenses so it can take a bit more damage

Blizzard: Very powerful plus STAB, just be aware that accuracy is not ideal.

Flash Cannon: Strong move that can help with diversity


When it fights, it is like a Ninja. This Pokemon is the fastest one in Generation V and its name is Accelgor. It also has a high special attack so it isn’t defenseless.

Recommended Moves:

U-turn: This move has potential since Accelgor doesn’t have great defenses. It allows you to hit your opponent and then bring another Pokemon out. Plus it has decent power and STAB.

Double Team: Its defense is its weakness; double team allows it to create illusory copies of itself, so that he can avoid attacks.

Bug Buzz: Powerful Bug-type move so it’ll get STAB.

Toxic: This’ll make your opponent second-guess staying if you open with this move.

Protect: Got a hunch that your opponent is about to do a lot of damage? This’ll save your butt for a turn or two.

Giga Drain: This’ll help heal you while hurting your opponent.

Post By: Catherine Wilson, Yifan Zhao, and Tommy Wiliams

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