Ultimate POKEMON Battle Roster: Generation VI

Since it’s the 20th anniversary of Pokemon’s creation and Pokemon Sun and Moon were just announced, we decided to go through each generation of Pokemon and put together dream teams. Sticking to the Pokemon new to each generation and ignoring Legendaries and Megas, we chose the strongest Pokemon for each Stat according to Base Stats only. (Sorry EV trainers). We’ve also created some recommended movesets for each of the Pokemon to help you craft the ultimate team.

Generation VI:

In 2013, Pokemon X and Y became the first Pokemon games to be released worldwide simultaneously. These games not only introduced the franchise to a new platform (the 3DS), but to a new type of Pokemon as well–Mega Evolutions.


Gogoat, a Grass-type Pokemon, has the honor of being Generation VI HP specialist. It also has decent offensive stats.

Recommended Moves:

Energy Ball/Leaf Blade: Strong moves that’ll get STAB. Choice depends on if you want a special or physical attack

Giga Drain/Horn Leech: Same as above but with the added benefit of healing you.

Earthquake: Always a solid choice when in doubt.

Surf: Strong move that’ll help fight off Fire-types that Gogoat hates.

Superpower: Extremely strong, but be careful because it lowers your physical stats.

Attack: AEGISLASH (Blade Forme)

Aegislash has the highest attack and special attack. What makes Aegislash special is that it can switch to Shield Forme and Blade Forme when it uses different moves. When it changes to Shield Forme, its defense is increased.

Recommended Moves:

Shadow Ball: Good Ghost-type attack with STAB that may lower your opponent’s Special Defense.

Shadow Claw: Another good move with STAB.

Flash Cannon: Strong Steel move with STAB and it’ll give you some versatility with Ghost moves.

Metal Sound: Reduces the target’s defense and speed making them easier to take down.

Swords Dance: Makes your physical attacks even stronger!

Slash/Night Slash: Great moves because they’re strong and have higher Critical rates.

Defense: AVALUGG

Avalugg is an Ice-type Pokemon with a defense 34 points higher than the next Pokemon in Generation VI. Avalugg has a high attack and decent HP, but has a weak point which is its speed.

Recommended Moves:

Ice Fang: Decent strength, it gets STAB, and your opponent may flinch.

Hail: This move can summon a hailstorm to pester your opponent’s Pokemon for 5 turns.

Crunch: A great move to get some diversity in its moveset and still be powerful.

Giga Impact: The Hyper Beam of physical damage!

Harden: Strengthen your own Defense to better withstand the assault.

Special Attack: DARMANITAN (Zen Mode)

This is the trickiest one. You have to have a Darmanitan that really specializes in physical attack, with the Zen Mode ability and then get and maintain his health below 50%. However, not only is its Special Attack the highest, but his other stats are also great with a couple of exceptions.

Recommended Moves:

Psychic: Very powerful and STAB.

Overheat: Very Powerful attack but it greatly lowers your Special Attack so use it sparingly.

Fire Blast: If you want a really strong Fire-type attack but don’t want the consequences of Overheat.

Flamethrower: Really good Fire attack so you get STAB.

Double Team: Making Darmanitan hard to hit is key since you have to keep him below 50% HP, but above 0.

Special Defense: FLORGES

Florges, a Fairy-type, is the best looking in our Generation VI team, and her Special Defense is very high with a competitive Special Attack as well.

Recommended Moves:

Moonblast: Borrow power from the moon for this powerful move. It also has a chance to reduce the target’s Special Attack.

Dazzling Gleam: Strong attack using a powerful flash (get your mind out of the gutter!).

Psychic: This will help you take out Poison-type Pokemon that are strong against Fairies.

Energy Ball: Good solid move for a variety of damage type.

Rest: When you get hurt, heal up. Just be careful since you can’t do anything for 2 turns.

Sleep Talk: Combine with Rest to be able to do massive damage if your other moves are set right.


Talonflame is a Fire/Flying-type Pokemon, and its wings provide him with a very high Speed which ensures that it’s always faster than its enemies.

Recommended Moves:

Flail: For when you’re almost dead. This will help give you a great comeback story.

Double Team: A great defensive move to frustrate your opponent.

Aerial Ace: Decent power boosted with STAB and it always hits. What a great combination.

Flamethrower: Strong Fire move that’ll get STAB and help make up for his lack of Special Attack.

Sunny Day: Help make up for the lack of Special Attack to boost your Fire moves.

Solarbeam: This’ll take care of those pesky Rock-type and Water-type Pokemon that can really hurt Talonflame.

Post By: Yifan Zhao, Tommy Wiliams, and Catherine Wilson

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