Umbra Revealed In WARFRAME THE SACRIFICE E3 Trailer


Originally launching on multiple platforms completely free to play and bringing out new content that continues to be free is a rare sight from developers these days. Warframe by Digital Extremes is a game that fits that explanation and continues to prove its worth.

It wasn't too long ago that they made the game an open world experience with the Plains of Eidolon update, but for E3 they announced a new update set to launch in June of this year. Simply titled The Sacrifice, this short trailer shows a new chapter to the story that will be darker than what players have experienced so far.

I can't tell if the sacrifice has to do with a way the player can improve their character or if it has a connection with the obvious bad guy, Umbra, shown at the end. Either way, anytime there is a sacrifice involved it's not typically a wholesome cause.

What do you think about Warframe's next update?