UNCHARTED 4 Multiplayer Beta is a Well Oiled Machine

Naughty Dog and Sony have brought us yet another delay to this monster of a third person shooter adventure (pushed back to May 10, 2016), but boy does it look and play beautifully. 

Impressions so far: I won’t lie—I can’t help but keep thinking I’m missing that classic Uncharted theme music. It has been replaced with some moody ambience that bears little to no resemblance of the adventurous and classic Uncharted sound established in the first three games. Does anyone else care the way I do? Whatever is going on here is playing up the darker tone, I get it. Just please tell me we'll still get some of that sense of adventure and excitement when it's all done. It plays a HUGE part in what makes an Uncharted game what it actually is.

Aside from that, everything that made this multiplayer beta rock so much is intact for the second go. The most notable addition is the a new map placing you on a precarious rooftops level. Memories of Spider-Man on PS2 were conjured as my character got stuck in rope swinging limbo for a few seconds.

Everything runs at what appears to be a beautiful 60 frames per second rate, which is always a huge bonus in console gaming. I’m more than a little jealous when I see what PC gamers get in mods/upgrades for Skyrim and GTA5, so having Uncharted run this smooth is a nice little taste of true current-gen console tech.

If you haven’t gotten in on this stress test beta, time is running out! It all gets closed March 6th, at 11:59PM PST!

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