Game Interview: Discover The DREADFUL Truth

Mary Featured Game Logo

Mary Featured Game Logo

Indie horror game creator and producer, Wajdi Manai, is currently developing a new survival horror game, with his studio team Green Eye Games, which was inspired by Silent Hill; specifically, Silent Hill: The Room that will be set within a house and has some outside moments! It will run on the Unity 5 engine and it will star the antagonist "Mary," which will stalk you around the house as you begin to explore and uncover the truth of why the acts that went on a few weeks ago occurred and investigate the voices that have been reported to be heard coming from within the house at midnight.

When I spoke with Manai regarding what main aspects that Dreadful is going to have that is going to make this horror game delve deep into our conscious, he responded, "We believe that high quality sounds have a big impact on the game, especially in a horror game, and with the power of Unity 5 we've reached realistic sounds that will create an atmospheric environment and make you feel like you are there."

The protagonist of the story is David Hill, a 35-year-old Journalist who works for the local newspaper. Take control of the Journalist as he steps inside to the unknown horrors that await within the house, while trying to uncover the one question police have yet to answer on this crime scene. "Why did he do it?". All to put to rest any rumors that have arisen due to the audible voices that come from the home late at night.

The history of the house you will be investigating is nothing short of a cold blooded, sinister past. A family of four were the previous occupants of this once normal, quiet British home until one dark, fateful day. Police broke into the house after worried friends reported that milk and newspapers were piling up on the doorstep and that's when the family was found dead inside the house, murdered by Mr. Smith, the father! The police report read, "A former sergeant named Smith shot his wife Mary and two young children, Chris and Rebecca, to death before turning his shotgun on himself. Investigators said that the main reason behind his act is still unknown to this day." This gruesome act earned the house a new nickname, "The Carnage House."

Can you survive the horror's of the truth? Or will you fall victim to Mary's vengeance?
"Believe only half of what you see and nothing that you hear.” - Edgar Allan Poe

With realistic graphics, you will find that everything in the environment will be interactive. Every object and character has a back story and possibly the key to the puzzle. The realistic graphics are expected to help bring the best experience that this interactive horror can offer.

I asked Manai what he thought, as a horror game designer, brought "True Horror" into a game. "It's a psychological thing and normal human reaction when facing fear. Dreadful is not the typical jump-scare game we see these days, it is more like creating fear in your head while you're checking this room or turning your head to that noise. We believe that your imagination is a weak spot," was his statement.

Is  this going to be another defenseless game where your main objective, other than searching for clues, is to hide? No! There are weapons for you to defend yourself with. The first weapon you will find in the game will be a handgun, and in every level you will find ammo and reload your gun. However, there will not be a lot, so don't rely on it too much. You will still need to make sure to keep your main focus on avoiding the real danger, Mary. Mary is programmed with an A.I. function which will allow her to smell and detect fear, so it will be important to watch your "Breathe" and "Heart Speed Rate." On top of this, you will need to keep your "Stress" down. Even if you manage to avoid Mary from detecting you, David may need a calm down session. If your "Stress" gets too high, your character will suffer a heart attack, with death waiting close by.

There is also going to be an inventory system to help you keep all your puzzle pieces together, as well as, any other items you may find. There will be a section to hold your clue(s) to help with the current puzzle you are working on, as well as, slots for items and weapons. Game play will feature both first and third person point of views, depending on the section of the game you are at.

Check out the Alpha Gameplay Trailer:

The game is expected to be released on the PC during Q1 of 2017.
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