Unique Last Minute Valentine’s Jewelry Ideas for That Special Player 2 in Your Life

A symbol of Mara for that Dovahkiin you cherish.

A symbol of Mara for that Dovahkiin you cherish.

I realize this is going up late. Chances are if you’re like me, you completely forgot about Valentine’s Day because of reasons justifiable or not, and you may have to come up with something cool at the last second. Or there’s the possibility that you just want to hook yourself up too, in which case I say treat yourself.

At this Etsy link, you can find some real sweet Valentine’s Day Jewelry gift ideas that can actually be appreciated all year round. You could always go the teddy-bear-holding-a-heart route, but consider the likeliness of the dog getting to it or the fact that it may only be relevant for this one day of the year.

Between Skyrim, Zelda, and Final Fantasy jewelry, you’re bound to find something here that could score you some points with that special someone even if you’re a bit behind schedule. 1-5 business day shipping is available on most of them.

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