Unique Puzzle Game A FOLD APART Showcases A New Trailer

Mixing together a story with a puzzle game always seems to be a hard combination for most developers. Often the story will seem inconsistent or irrelevant to the actual puzzles that players are set out to solve. Proving that there is a way to put a proper story together with the actual puzzles within a game is Lightning Rod Games with their upcoming title A Fold Apart.

Bringing a unique puzzle element that is as simple a concept as folding paper to make intricate levels for players to get their character across the page, A Fold Apart is more than just a series of puzzles that plays out until they run out. Introducing a love story of two people separated in a long-distance relationship, it will be up to the player to help them cross missing pathways in order to bring them back together.

While the actual puzzle mechanic seems like an old concept, it hasn’t been used to create a 3D puzzle game yet. In fact, there are barely any paper folding puzzles available of any kind! It certainly makes for an oddly unique puzzle mechanic and is sure to get quite difficult in the later points of the game.

I’m most excited to see that there is a real story being told behind all of the puzzles and that Lightning Rod Games found a way to put these two game elements together. Now we just need to see how well it all plays out when it launches on Valentines Day 2019 for the PC and Nintendo Switch. They also plan to launch it on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One shortly after the initial launch.

What do you think of the upcoming puzzle games showcase trailer?