UNRAVEL 2 Makes Its Way To Switch Next Month


Yarny will finally be making its Nintendo debut with a Switch release of Unravel 2! Launching last year on other platforms, Unravel 2 will be available on Switch starting March 22. Unravel 2 is a great co-op puzzle platformer that will be a great fit for the Switch library.Grab a friend or go it solo and see why this wonderful yarn journey has captivated the masses!

I found my time with the original release of the game to be a ton of fun. I would highly recommend a co-op partner however as playing it solo just doesn’t have the same experience as playing with a friend. I am also glad to see EA slowly starting to get in on publishing games for the Switch other than FIFA.

What do you think about Unravel 2 coming to Switch? Do you plan to pick it up? Let us know below!