UNTIL DAWN: RUSH OF BLOOD Does Not Look Or Play At All Like The Original

If you were a fan of the original Until Dawn you're going to be disappointed by the sequel. Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood is not a survival horror...it's a VR rail shooter...so just a rail shooter. Let's be honest the only difference between a rail shooter and a VR rail shooter is that the arcade cabinet is on my head and the gun isn't as cool!

Survival Horror is such a limited genre as is...I just don't know what the development team was thinking with such a cheap cash in and then trying to sell it initially like it's a legitimate sequel! I'm sure after this footage is spread around we will hear the news interviews where studio heads say "we need more time for a TRUE sequel...we want it done right" but guys that's just lip service. The truth is they tried to pull wool over eyes with this, and if they were really wanting to be upfront they would've paid the $100 for licensing rights to House Of The Dead.

It may still be a good rail shooter...but it's not Until Dawn...and that's a shame.