UNTIL DAYLIGHT Card Game Focuses On Cooperative Survival

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Until Daylight condenses the cooperative survival mechanics of other games into a smaller package. The card game with eye-popping (and limb-lopping) graphics will force teamwork upon a ragged group of survivors. Strategy and cooperation are essential if you want to make it through the night. Lasting until dawn depends on the efficient use of your character and the other people in your party.

The use of dice and luck with searching will determine the strength of your party and how you will face the horde of monsters. Card games have recently begun deconstructing the elements of larger tabletop experiences and reducing it to a smaller footprint. That looks to be the case with Until Daylight, and it promises to be an engaging game. Three to six players can attempt to survive together in the grueling nightmarish world of monsters, and a playthrough will last over an hour. That may seem long for a card game, but remember it’s a sprawling game that will take up some real estate on your table.

One important feature that’s worth mentioning, though, is the companion app which will take some of the rules out of your hands to enhance gameplay. Spooky music and sound effects will also serve to ratchet up the tension.

Until Daylight is out now.

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