Upcoming Free Bird Ecosystem Focused Game GRACE Gets Fully Funded On Kickstarter

Fans of nature and bird-life can get excited to learn that a small indie team known as Swampa Studio is working on a game that will focus on the ecosystem. Grace is their upcoming, free-to-play game that will be launching thanks to their successful Kickstarter. If you are interested in helping fund their game further, it still has a few hours left until officially closing.

Grace is being developed based on their own experiences as an environmental scientist. It will give players a rare perspective into the tough choices they have to make. The hope behind the creation of this game is that it may inspire players to be more active as environmental advocates. You can learn all about their game through their Kickstarter trailer:

It has some cool key features as well, especially for a free game:

  • Short story-based RPG 

  • Pixel art

  • About two field ecologists studying quail

  • Set in the Sierra Nevada 

  • Bird identification mini games

Grace is set to launch on September 1st on both Steam and Itch as a free-to-play game. This is one great deal as it gives players a knowledge-building experience while also entertaining them. What do you think about this bird-focused free ecosystem based game?