First Impressions: Upcoming Hardcore Side Scroller Game: UNWORTHY

Combat is a strong component in today's game developments. Most games today have some form of fighting whether with fist, melee weapon or firepower, the story and difficulty drive the players to keep going. Many hardcore players go back through games to play on a harder difficulty, proving their mastery of skill over the game. Embracing the combat mechanics of the difficult series Dark Souls, the fast paced battles of Bloodborne and the graphical layout of the world and exploration mechanics from Metroidvania; Aleks Kuzmanovic Games is creating Unworthy. It is a 2D side scroller with a vague story left open for player interpretation.

The story will not be told to you, but the nature of the game is that you will be able to read the lore to items and enemies, as well as interact with a few NPC's, which will give you information to the story for you to piece together. Unworthy will offer a nonlinear story with multiple endings and a large number of optional bosses; even more than there will be core bosses.

The player will have optional quests as well. Some optional quests will only be available at specific times of the day since the game runs on a real world day and night cycle. You will not need to complete the optional quests to beat the game, and no core quests are time specific, but if you wish to have all the pieces to the story then you must complete the optional quests as well. Keep in mind that none of the quests are set to be at an inconvenient time, like five in the morning for example.

"There will be hints, but nothing explicit. It won't be something that's like "QUEST AVAILABLE," but more like a bridge might be lowered between time X and Y."
- Aleks Kuzmanovic

The optional quests and bosses will be there to help boost your stats through the leveling system, which is used in the players skill and perk customization section. This will give you the chance to boost the skills you use and build your character for the final boss fight.

Exclusive Alpha Demo Review

After playing through the demo the first time, I immediately went back and played the game again. It's a lot of fun and proved to be a very challenging game. I died multiple times, but it just made me want to get back over there and clear out the enemies that killed me. With the option of one defense block and a recharge system, tied with an energy system that is used for rolling or attacking, it quickly became a battle of balancing what I am able to do while evading the attacks from enemies.

The optional boss in the demo proved to show that they have connections to the other sections of the map. The path that you take to reach the core boss of the demo, The Blacksmith, the path in the caves is completely blacked out and you are unable to see. Going past that entrance to the cave area and defeating the optional Swordsman boss lit the way as the lights are ignited upon his defeat.

I am interested to see how other optional bosses will affect the play and ability to grow in strength as I play through the full game.

Here's My No Commentary Playthrough of Alpha 1.4 Demo

Unworthy by Aleks Kuzmanovic Games is said to release during Q2 of 2017 on the PC via Steam. They hope to also launch on to consoles after the PC version is released. To follow more updates on Unworthy, check out these links:

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