Utah Jazz Basketball Player Posts Tribute to Video Games and It Is Spectacular

Contra, Duck Hunt, Ocarina of Time, Halo, and Double Dragon are mentioned in this heartfelt writeup on the power of video games. Utah Jazz Power Forward Gordon Hayward speaks of being mesmerized by the gameplay in such games with his dad and how they were a source of inspiring entertainment and thrilling competition, as well as relaxation.

I’m not writing this to defend gaming. It doesn’t need defending. I just want non-gamers to recognize this incredible thing that’s happening right now.
— Gordon Hayward, The Players Tribune, Feb. 11, 2016

Speaking of the time that the original Xbox came out, he describes it as a game-changer for the industry as Halo took gaming to an all-new competitive level. His parents had to give him a two-hour time limit on his Halo time because it was easy for him to get carried away in the thrill of the competition.

Explaining some of the science of eSports and why they have become such a massive business is another fascinating segment. He cites Starcraft 2 and the APM (Actions Per Minute) of its players clocking in at 300. This kind of advanced gameplay is another aspect of gaming he enjoys because of the professional skill involved. Associating it with why people enjoy watching sports, it is both entertaining and educational. 

You can read the entire writeup here. I’m pretty sure I have a new favorite NBA player now.

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