VALVE Bans Over 40,000 Steam Accounts In A Day Due to Cheating

During the recent Summer Sale held by Valve on Steam, the largest number of accounts banned in the digital platform's history was performed. And it's not like they were trying to set a new world record or anything. According to Dot eSports, it is largely due to the amount of cheaters that have spiked online.

Apparently, these cheaters may have been banned before for some online offense they had committed. So what they do is create a different account, play online and cheat again. The ending of the Steam Summer Sale is what drew that crowd back in for more, creating a ban of over 40,000 accounts this time.

This Vac-Ban system that Valve is using seems to be able to somehow effectively detect new user accounts that are from previously banned users. Here below, the Steam Database stats clearly shows the level of bans when the Summer Sale was near conclusion:

One thing that is clear is what happens when you do get banned, according to Dot eSports:

Exactly $8,674 in weapon skin cosmetics were lost to the VAC graveyard, according to the site When a player receives a VAC ban, they’re restricted from joining Valve servers, essentially rendering their skins useless. Endless examples of “dead” inventories can be found on Reddit’s /r/VAC_Porn subreddit.

Is it that hard to just play games or operate normally like everyone else does? Do they really need to cheat just to beat everyone else? Is it that important to them, that they are willing to be banned? 

I ask the questions... feel free to answer them. Tell us how you feel about their behavior online and if you feel it is fair to be banned.



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