Valve Launches VR App Subscirption Service HTC VIVEPORT

Valve has launched a new subscription service that will encourage VR users to branch out and try new things for a low price. The HTC Viveport lets you pick 5 out of 50 VR apps to have in your library every 4 weeks. At the end of those 4 weeks you can either pick a fresh 5 apps or swap out a couple and keep your favorites. Engadget says the subscription also comes with the game Arcade Saga, which retails at $19.99. The service is set to launch April 5th. 

Ultimately, I think Valve is hoping to increase software sales and keep VR alive in a time where its user base is still relatively small. I personally still have yet to see anything impressive enough in VR to justify me buying one for myself, what about you?