Vampyr Developers Release Trailer For Their New Intriguingly Strange Game TWIN MIRROR


It didn't take long for DONTNOD Entertainment to announce their next upcoming title after launching Vampyr earlier this week. With their latest game being so in depth and well received, I have to say that I'm already looking forward to their next title.

Shown off earlier this week during Playstation's Countdown to E3 YouTube series is Twin Mirror. Set to launch in 2019, the trailer they shared shows just how interesting it's going to be. With a touch of the story shared and plenty of mysterious shown, this trailer brings so many questions to be asked. Check it out:

Despite the line stating that "your mind is the one place to find the truth" and the crazy, broken up world Sam is in a couple times, my interest was on the enemy shown. What was going on with the ethereal, possibly ghost-like, enemy that he is seen fighting? I can only imagine that this game just might be bringing a new level of expectations for psychological thrillers in the future.

What are your thoughts on the strange Twin Mirror trailer?