Vault Experiments, Gallows, And "NUKA-WORLD" Featured In Latest FALLOUT 4 Trailer

I'm half confused and half intrigued with Bethesda's latest look at Fallout 4. It's like they're trying to force a Minecraft appeal to a game that just doesn't have that. For that reason, I just don't understand the contraptions aspect or where the market is for that. I felt the interface was a bit hard to create with (and that may just be me) so I could care less about some of the new DLC although the Vault creation does sound cool.

To me, the real gem here is the fourth (and final) story expansion for Nuka Cola World. This is what I want. I don't care that I can keep a Deathclaw in a cage while it rains Teddybears on his head in a single player game where no one can see it. Give me more story and I'm happy. See the release dates and all new DLC in action below.