Video Explains Why Tawna Is Barely In CRASH BANDICOOT After The Original

If you thought Tawna was removed from Crash Bandicoot for being too sexual, you're only sort of right, but ultimately there's more to it than that. Censored gaming explains the whole story so check the video or read below for the full answer. 

Originally Tawna was to look like some form of Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but Sony Japan was not comfortable with that representation being present in a game for children and offered an alternate take on the character's design for the second installment of the game. The second design was never made public so it's not clear exactly what they did but Naughty Dog wasn't a fan and ultimately decided to scrap the character and throw Crash's sister in as a new character to replace Tawna. 

Now she's back in the new game, and folks are curious whether or not she'll return for a new game or not. Do you think she should?