Video: First Footage Of POKEMON GO Appears At SXSW

After the disappointing news that the Pokemon Go developers cancelled their demo at GDC 2016, we all the sudden get this footage of it supposedly being shown off at SXSW a couple days earlier...

The footage appears to be legit, although it's weird they cancelled GDC if they were far enough along to show a demo of the hardware. So what did we learn from the footage?

  1. Pokemon will be using their game screeches and not saying their names.
  2. The AR looks similar to the kind found on the 3DS.
  3. It doesn't look like you have the option to battle wild Pokemon, although it has been said you can battle friends with your captured Pokemon.
  4. The game plays like Ingress in which you have to travel to locations to spot wild Pokemon.
  5. Your location depends on what type of Pokemon you will have the opportunity of catching.

This kind of sucks for those of us who have limited types of scenery! I guess if nothing else though it'll be interesting when certain regions have an influx of type of Pokemon! What are your thoughts?