Video Games And Music Unite (Again)

The Offspring - World of Tanks - GameTyrant.jpeg

The Offspring has announced that they’ll be performing inside World of Tanks.

It’s happened before. And it will continue to happen. Video games are fast becoming an integral part of popular culture in a much more visible way. They’ve always captured a widespread audience of all ages, but the industry hasn’t always been as interconnected with other parts of our lives. That’s starting to change. The advent of esports, and its rapid growth, has been one factor in broadening the reach of video games. The professional leagues are proving that video games are a much larger business than previously thought.

But that’s not the only sphere of influence that is developing in the gaming community. Musicians have partnered with major games as a way to share their art with new audiences and on new formats. The first major attraction was the popular artist Marshmello hosting a concert inside of Fortnite. And Korn is featured in a virtual battle concert (which is the craziest name ever for a gig) on Adventure Quest 3D and AQWorlds.

Video games have morphed into more than just single player or multiplayer adventures. The communities that have existed outside of games—fellow players that bond over their shared virtual experiences—are now able to congregate within the digital world for events. These live events are just like any other concert, but it promotes the video game, the artist, and the players all together.

American rock is knocking on the door of World of Tanks. And it won’t be the last time we see, or join, an event like this. Not by a long shot. Expect more partnerships in the future between the video game industry and other artistic communities. The world is getting a little smaller every day.

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