Video Games Live Announces 2016 Tour Dates

By this point, if you’ve read one paragraph I’ve posted here at GameTyrant, you know I’m all about games music. I live for it. Knowing that, I would be obscenely remiss if I glossed over the new tour dates that Video Games Live has in store for us.
If you are a fan of games, a fan of music in general, and have anything but antifreeze or ice water pumping through your veins, I urge you to get your tickets quick. From my personal experience, this was a show that not only put me in a fancy concert hall with a great audience, but treated me to a spectacular performance by my local prestigious symphony orchestra as they played some of the greatest games music of all time. All the while you are treated to corresponding footage on giant projector screens onstage.

There is something about the energy of the live performance, the energy from the crowd, and the pure nostalgia from hearing these captivating sounds played right before your eyes and ears. The accompanying light show adds some fun visuals to the experience, but the best part is when one of your favorite songs is revealed.

That moment of excitement hits you either upon announcement from Tommy Tallarico, the conductor, or they sneak one up on you without announcement, which sparks a rapturous roar from the crowd.

I also enjoyed that they took a brief direction from the symphonic sound and introduced a couple songs from the Silent Hill series. They also did this with music from Portal, which Jillian Aversa sang beautifully along with Tallarico on acoustic guitar. It’s a very rewarding change in dynamics for the concert and I am hopeful that they keep that kind of format for the upcoming tour. 

The feeling I had walking away from that concert hall was one of nostalgia, celebration, and an energetic boost from the atmosphere of the crowd and performance of the orchestra. I’ve posted a link below that will take you directly to the list of upcoming scheduled performances. Some cities are still TBA, so keep checking back for further updates.

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