Video: MORTAL KOMBAT 4 Might Just Have The Worst Ending Ever

Mortal Kombat 4 might just have the worst ending to a video game ever, and I'm not even talking about the graphics. I remember the renaissance era of gaming where cinematics were first possible so I can forgive this whole thing looking like a s***** fan edit you'd see some 11 year old put on Youtube today, but damn what a terrible ending!

Sonya tries to arrest Jarek after he helps them defeat Shao Khan, which admittedly is a dick move. Jarek is obviously not cool with this and turns on Sonya. Sonya throws Jarek off a cliff and he makes this ridiculous noise. Jarek magically flies back up cliff and pulls Sonya to her death and climbs back to the ledge of the mountain. Jax chokes Jarek for killing Sonya, and then throws him off the mountain.

My description doesn't do it enough justice, you just gotta watch!