Video: See The Gunslinging Talent Behind Revolver Ocelot From METAL GEAR SOLID In Live Action

Revolver Ocelot image.jpg

One of the most infamously loved characters from the Metal Gear Solid is, of course, Revolver Ocelot. The thing mostly unknown about him is that his featured moment in the third installment to the series, Snake Eater, was not entirely done through animation.

In fact, the little bit that was animated was inspired by the amazing talent the motion capture actor could pull off! Check out this well put together compilation of the motion actor himself, Tornado Yoshida, acting out the various scenes as the character he brought to life:

Thanks to YouTuber YongYea for putting this together and matching the two so well with timing! It's always cool to take a peak behind the scenes, but Yoshida is a gunslinger that really shows the badass side to game development!

I don't know how long it would take to practice all those gun tricks, but I would be nervous of accidentally squeezing the trigger to hard most the time! How many of you think you could pull these moves off?