Video: SKYRIM Mod Adds Beautiful Buildings And Entirely New Cities

It blows my mind that people are still making mods for Skyrim! 5 years after it's release we have yet another ambitious mod that Game Informer tells us took 3 years to make. HOLDS is a mostly cosmetic mod. It gives you more selection for clothing, makes the buildings bigger, and cities more expansive. It also creates three new towns for you to explore which contain expanded lore of the Elder Scrolls universe!

Creator of the mod, Galandil, says that his goal in making this was to make the cities and architecture feel more realistic as you go through your travels in the game. As impressed as I was with Skyrim, I did feel like the cities were kind of smallish at the time. This mod really blows up the size of the settlements and makes it feel like you're in an actual town! See all of his improvements in the video below and check out his mod here.