Vinesauce Vinny Just Streamed Some Creepy Ghost S*** In An Abandoned Online Game

If you're familiar with popular Twitch streamer Vinny from Vinesauce, you know he's a cynical dude. He loves playing terrible games and ripping them apart, or revisiting old communities and trolling his way through them. This video was meant to be the latter as Vinny started an account for 1995 sandbox MMO Active Worlds. Vinny streamed for 8,000 people as he entered an online community meant for thousands entirely alone.

Try as they might, Vinny's followers couldn't get into the game due to crashing it's ancient server all trying to sign up for the service at once. So most of the stream was Vinny traveling the weird world entirely alone...minus one other person.

Another player managed to get in by the name of Hitomi Fujiko, and that's when things get weird. Vinny doesn't go so far as to say there's anything paranormal going on, but it is weird as hell only one other player out of 1,000's was able to get in...if that one player is even real!

Yeah he adds some music for effect, but he's not the kind of guy that makes skits. He's also doesn't have a history of doing anything weird like this, which leads to the conclusion that whatever this was organic.

The whole thing is creepy as hell! Watch the shortened recap of the events below. I'm putting Hitomi Fujiko up there on the same level as "Ben" for creepy video game characters!