VIS Games New Title THE NIGHTFALL Announces Launch Date Early 2018


From the same indie team that brought you Pineview Drive comes their newest horror game, The Nightfall. We can look forward to another horror within a home adventure come January 12, 2018, while we are still waiting to hear more from VIS Games on Pineview Drive - Rising Storm,

VIS Games has recently announced that they established a Steam page for The Nightfall where we can find their announced launch date. While there is still little known about the game and the trailer on the steam page is mostly just screenshots with music over it, I found a teaser with some gameplay. I am not sure why VIS Games doesn't have it on their own YouTube, but at least this gives us a little more of an idea of what we might expect:

This is an interesting way to announce when your game is going to launch. Most developers would put it in a trailer or teaser video, but VIS Games just announced that the steam page is set up with the launch date. They probably would of been better off just having a gameplay or cinematic teaser with the launch date on the end to give people a better idea of what the game may have in store.

Either way, I enjoy first person defenseless horror games and thought that Pineview Drive wasn't too bad. Hoping to see some more inventive ways to create an eerie atmosphere than random noises and better puzzles to get through all the different sections of the house, but there is also the chance that they may do something completely different this time. I am interested to see what they do with this game and if it is gonna be anything like Pineview Drive or better. What do you think we can expect in The Nightfall?