Visit 1918 London With 90 Minutes Of VAMPYR Gameplay

As the release date draws closer, curiosity around what players can expect from Vampyr by DONTNOD Entertainment continues to rise. With the game taking place in the streets of London in 1918, what is the focus of our main character and what kind of action will it contain?

Answering multiple questions and providing a glimpse into the dark, vampire-filled world within Vampyr all at once, DONTNOD Entertainment has shared a 90-minute video to show over an hour of gameplay. It has plenty of commentary as well, check it out:

After seeing that there is going to be a balance between detective style work and actual combat action, I'm excited to fill the shoes of Dr. Reid. I thought the game was going to be stealth and action based before this, which I'm honestly glad its not. Not to mention how in depth the aspects of the different NPC's get; from increasing the value of their blood so that they can be a potential blood source to the fact that they have their own lives going on being the scenes, it's simply impressive.

I can't wait for Vampyr to launch on June 5 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Did this gameplay footage raise your hype for the game or are you already planning to get yourself a copy?