Void And Mr. R Officially Register For The GameTyrant Expo

Two of the best Sheik players in the world, Mr. R and VoiD have officially registered for the GameTyrant Expo. Whenever these two get together to have a match it's always a good time, as you'll see in the video below:

Void has been on a good run as of late picking up a top 8 finish at EVO as well as the runner up after falling to Salem at Dreamhack Atlanta. To date, Void has not won an S-tier tournament, although his most recent finishes indicate 2017 could be his year. 

Mr. R is currently ranked 9th on the Panda Global Rankings, and while his play as of late has not been as high performing as his Sheik counterpart Void. Mr. R's latest top tourney placing was a heartbreaker as he fell to 2nd place at Royal Flush 2017 after losing to Zero in a super close match:

Hopefully, the two get the chance to meet again at the GameTyrant Expo, which takes place September 29th-October 1st in Salt Lake City Utah.

Early Bird Pricing For Registration Ends Tomorrow! Make Sure You Have Your Ticket!