VR Spotlight: Space Ops VR and Singularity 5

Space Ops VR 8/10    DevCubeStudio $14.99 Available Now

Space Ops VR

Available Now

From the same studios that brought us FARHOME, DevCubeStudios has unleashed a compelling first-person VR shooter that can either be tackled via two player co-op (preferred) or even solo. Fighting aliens and baddies is the name of the game here but with a steep learning curve, don’t expect to master the gameplay in a single or even a handful of runs. I played on the original HTC Vive and had no issues at all with the setup or controlling the game.

Even though variation of gameplay is not the main strength here, the thing that kept me returning to the game is the progression and weapons system that is by far the greatest strength. Although some consider it a grind, unlocking weapons and new perks were very satisfying and deeper than most VR titles.

The low price point and stellar replay value really make this worth the price of admission. Definitely a solid choice for an VR library.

Singularity 5 8/10    Monochrome Paris $9.99 Available Now

Singularity 5
Monochrome Paris
Available Now

I love finding art that masquerades as games and SINGULARITY 5 by Monochrome Paris is a near perfect example of VR, art, and blasting robots all in one package. While the game isn’t particularly long or chock full of content, the awesome weapons and amazing visuals more than make up for it at this extremely low price point.

I can’t say that I’ve seen a more stunning shooter on my HTC VIVE than Singularity 5 if I was being totally honest. Not only are the graphics stellar, it truly is a work of incredible art work and a unique visual style that sets it apart from the VR crowed. Taking down a robotic uprising has never been so gorgeous or so much fun. All weapons have their pros and cons but for the most part, they are blast to handle.

Short but extremely sweet is how I’d describe this little hidden gem and if you want a gorgeous and stylistic shooter for your growing VR library, this is it.