VS. SUPER MARIO BROS. Is Now Available On The Switch


Last night, as I was mindlessly exploring Nintendo’s Eshop to check whether the store is actually working due to the massive outages experienced on Christmas Day, I stumbled across a classic Nintendo game that I never knew was coming to the Switch. 

Super Mario Bros., or more precisely, the arcade version of the game that was released a year later, Vs. Super Mario Bros. is already available on the Eshop. In this arcade version of the original game, the general rules of Mario is still pretty much the same, but with more challenging levels and a few tweaks here and there to make it more difficult than the original version. 

The game is only priced at $7.99 on the Eshop that made me purchase it without hesitation. When I loaded the game, nostalgia hit me hard as I heard the iconic soundtrack and played away. I was quickly reminded of how bad I was at this game but nonetheless, it was quite an enjoyable experience. Vs. Super Mario Bros. was brought by Hamster’s The Arcade Collection to the Switch. 


As much as I enjoyed playing this classic game on my Switch, I was reminded of the fact that the Virtual Console, which was a hit on past Nintendo systems, is still not available on the Switch. There is no word from Nintendo, besides a few rumors here and there, if they will even launch it on the hybrid console. I’m not really sure as to why Nintendo is holding off the release of the Virtual Console. I think one reason is that the company is probably pre-occupied, and wants to focus more on introducing new games to the console, or they may be putting Virtual Console at bay, to boost sales of the already successful SNES Classic Edition. Still, I can’t help but fantasize all the SNES and Gamecube games that I’m dying to play again on my Switch. Let’s just hope that in 2018, Nintendo would make an announcement on the Virtual Console. 

If Nintendo would ever release the Virtual Console on the Switch, what classic games would you like to see?