WARCRAFT 1 And 2 Go Digital!


It’s time to work work work as Warcraft 1 and 2 have finally seen digital release over on gog.com! After the release of Diablo, the two titles in the storied Warcraft franchise were also announced to be coming to the platform sometime in 2019. I just don’t think anyone expected to see them so soon! Both games are available on gog.com as either a bundle ($14.99) or separate purchases ($5.99 for 1 and $9.99 for 2).

Like Diablo, Warcraft 2 will include 2 different versions of the game. The original game updated to work on modern Windows machines and a new updated graphics mode. The classic mode retains all functionality of the original release including Battle.net support for online play. The updated graphics mode version does not include any of the original online functionality but does support an updated LAN mode for local play. Warcraft 1 on the other hand is only the original release running in an instance of DOSBox so don’t expect anything fancy out of the experience.

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