Warcraft III get's an Update Fueling Rumors of a Remastered Edition


16 years ago, one of the greatest Strategy titles exploded onto our PC's.  Warcraft 3 brought strong narrative with innovative gameplay.  Melding traditional Strategy concepts with RPG levelling this became one of the most popular titles in Blizzard's game library.

Alongside the announcement of a Warcraft 3 tournament, Blizzard has also confirmed that there will be a further patch to the ageing title.  Adding some significant features such as balance tweaks and map pool changes. Also the number of players that can participate in custom games has been increased significantly.  From 12 to 24, there is also widescreen support being added - these changes will be extremely useful for the upcoming tournament.


One of the most exciting changes to Warcraft III - Blizzard has added a ton of changes and improvements to Warcraft III’s in-game editor, which allows players to create custom maps and games. (This editor, you may remember, was the tool used to create the map “Defense of the Ancients,” which would go on to spawn Dota 2League of Legends, and many many more games.)


With news of this update, many are speculating that this is heralding a remastered edition soon to be made available.  Some news sources are even suggesting that this is a poorly guarded secret at Blizzard.  Blizzard has hinted recently that it does want to re release older titles in their game library.  So it may not be a stretch to say that soon we will be revisiting the rich story and joining Thrall and his contemporaries and enjoy this sublime strategy title all over again.

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