WARGROOVE Preview: Time To Fight


When playing an arcade tactics game, normally we think of tanks, fighter jets and building a vast army of machine. Wargroove bings us back to the times of knights and swords in this beautiful ancient age. This game boasts a deeper story than other games in this genre with cute character sprites that pack a personal touch. Various factions, unique characters and smooth battles also bring this game to life. This means a wonderful story driven by war and characters.

The multiplayer aspects should also be able to entertain a lot of people for a long time. If you’ve ever wanted to build your own fantasy army and pit it against others in a vibrant little game with a lot of depth, this game will be great for you. These are our first impressions and thoughts, it is a pretty good game so far. Check back soon for our full review, what we think of the campaign, the multiplayer and other features. This game came out for Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC Feburary 1st this year. This version’s review will be done on the recently released PS4 version. Let us know how you are enjoying it so far and come and see how we rate this well polished game.