Watch 11 Minutes Of Insane TITANFALL 2 Multiplayer Action And Play It Yourself This Weekend

Before we get to the action, here's a quick PSA for Titanfall 2 fans! You will actually get a chance to play test the multiplayer this weekend! This weekend (beginning tomorrow) PS4 and Xbox One owners will be able to download a multiplayer "tech test" that will allow you to experience the craziness of Titanfall 2 multiplayer for yourself! If you have something going on this weekend don't worry, you'll get another shot August 26th-August 28th.

Now let's get back to the video. Everything you loved about the first Titanfall is back from what we can tell, and it looks like they've improved the graphics substantially! Other than that nothing in particular sticks out that sets this one apart from the original in terms of mechanics...but I'm sure we'll see more as we get our hands on it! See the footage below.