Watch: 18 Minutes Of THE LAST GUARDIAN

Perhaps as a means of instilling confidence in lieu of their game delay, we're getting a flood of footage from The Last Guardian around the web today. As far as extended looks go for games we've waited a hell of a long time for, it looks pretty solid! The movement of the boy looks a bit clunky (which Polygon points out at the beginning of their video) but I absolutely love The Guardian and the mechanic it brings to puzzle solving. It looks and plays like I'm trying to run through a temple with my dog if he was Clifford-sized which would be a pain in the ass! 

As much as I wouldn't want to do that in real life, I have to commend the developers for creating an in-game animal who acts like an animal! Hopefully, with a couple additional months to prepare (release date is December) the team can polish this game and fix a couple of the hiccups they are experiencing.