Watch 9 Minutes Of Open World Action In MAFIA III

IGN has 9 minutes of Mafia 3 gameplay that finally let us see some "off the rails" gameplay. In this video, you'll see protagonist Lincoln Clay tear through the streets of New Bordeaux looking to exact vengeance. Some interesting things I noticed... 

  • Clay is incredibly resistant. He can take a lot of bullets before dropping.
  • It looks like certain enemies can be set up for instant kills regardless if you use stealth or not.
  • You can pick up collectible album covers. It looks like they were generic and not actual album covers but I don't really know.
  • Cops are not as relentless as GTA (thank goodness)
  • Looks like you can steal money, kill everyone, intimidate survivors for more information, and torch the building when it comes to raids. 

That's about all I got. You can definitely breeze through this one at 2x speed and not miss anything.

Mafia III releases October 7th.