WATCH As This Garbage Collector Finds Working PS4 In the Trash


Imagine you are a working garbage collector. Day in and day out you collect trash, but mill through the rubbish while you're bored. Then suddenly... you find a PS4. Surely it must be broken, right? But just in case, you take it home, plug it in and to your utter amazement, it works just fine!

This is what happened to TrashM4N , who has a Twitch channel where you can watch him collect garbage on a daily basis, amongst other things. You can watch this latest finding in his video below, but I wonder why some games weren't tossed out with it too. Maybe the previous owner upgraded to a PS4 Pro and just decided to chuck the old console.

And here you can see that he found an account that recently renewed the PS Plus Membership, but he was a good guy and decided to deactivate the next auto renew.

When I first read this article on Kotaku, I was taken by surprise. I saved up for my PS4 and can't imagine just tossing it. Having gone through some of the comments, however, there seems to be a trend for believing a PS4 doesn't work, due to bad cable connection or tv faults, and the consoles just being thrown away. Do they not know there are guys that can fix these issues?

In any event, enjoy your new PS4 buddy. I'm glad someone gets to gain from this. It is an early Christmas indeed. What do you guys think? What other reasons could the previous owner have had for throwing it away? Lend me your thoughts; I think this would make for an interesting discussion.


Source: KOTAKU